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jump to conclusions

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjump to conclusionsjump to conclusionsDECIDEto form an opinion about something before you have all the facts There may be a simple explanation. Let’s not jump to conclusions. jump
Examples from the Corpus
jump to conclusionsDon't assume the worst or jump to conclusions.I suppose I just didn't want you jumping to conclusions.The inductivist insists that we should not jump to conclusions.Breaking a habit, be it over-eating, over-drinking, biting your nails or jumping to conclusions, is a tall order.Posterity will jump to conclusions: that is its nature.But they warned against jumping to conclusions until more is known.He tends to jump to conclusions with feats of illogicality worthy of Sir Nicholas Fairbairn.The temptation is to jump to conclusions without arriving at them via a review.
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