2 noun
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jump2 [countable]


an act of pushing yourself suddenly up into the air using your legs [= leap]:
the best jump of the competition
a dancer famous for his impressive jumps


an act of letting yourself drop from a place that is above the ground
do/make a jump
Douglas made his first 10,000 foot parachute jump yesterday.


a sudden large increase in an amount or value
jump in
a jump in inflation rates


especially British English a large or sudden change, especially one that improves things:
The new law is a great jump forward for human rights.

with a jump

British English if you wake, sit up etc with a jump, you do it very suddenly because you are surprised or shocked:
She woke with a jump, hearing a noise downstairs.

keep/stay etc a jump ahead (of somebody)

British English informal to keep your advantage over the people you are competing with by always being the first to do or know something new

something you jump over

DSHDS a fence, gate, or wall that a person or horse has to jump over in a race or competition:
Her horse cleared all the jumps in the first round.

get a jump on somebody/something

American English informal to gain an advantage, especially by doing something earlier than usual or earlier than someone else:
I want to get a jump on my Christmas shopping.

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