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jumperjump‧er /ˈdʒʌmpə $ -ər/ ●●○ S3 noun [countable]  1 British EnglishDCC a piece of clothing made of wool that covers the upper part of your body and arms syn sweater, pullover2 American EnglishDCC a dress without sleeves usually worn over a shirt syn pinafore British English3 DSHBAa person or animal that jumps
Examples from the Corpus
jumperTheir heroes are young engineers like Oliver Ward reduced to pasteboard, their villains are claim jumpers and crooked managers.Crawling out, she shivered in the cool morning air and hurried into her jumper.Lambswool jumper, £24.99; cotton chambray shirt, £15.99; tie, £7.99; mill washed cords, £29.99.Sal is every-where, shooting layups, jumpers, three-pointers.Therese was huddled in nearly every garment she possessed, slacks, jumpers, her shabby grey coat and the multicoloured shawl.He pulled up for the jumper and it rolled nicely in the rim.
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