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jumpsuitjump‧suit /ˈdʒʌmpsuːt, -sjuːt $ -suːt/ noun [countable]  DCCa piece of clothing like a shirt and a pair of trousers joined together, worn especially by women
Examples from the Corpus
jumpsuitBut the poor paunchy guy had been stuffed into a jumpsuit from which he seemed to gasp for air.Just wearing the Falcons' jumpsuit gives you confidence.Meryl caught sight of two female journalists, trendy in jumpsuits, their faces hard and confident.Barry Kirk, 42, wears an orange jumpsuit and cape and paints his bald head orange.But Adams also acknowledged that he ordered agents to escort McVeigh out of the courthouse in a bright orange jumpsuit.The next day the Tiergarten is invaded by refuse workers in orange jumpsuits, who begin sorting the rubbish.A short, energetic woman in a suede jumpsuit entered carrying an awkward canvas bag.
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