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Date: 1700-1800
Language: Hindi
Origin: jangal 'forest', from Sanskrit jangala


Related topics: Music, Nature, Forestry
1 [uncountable and countable]TAFDN a thick tropical forest with many large plants growing very close together:
the Amazon jungle
2 [singular] a situation in which it is difficult to become successful or get what you want, especially because a lot of people are competing with each other:
the media jungle
3 [singular] something that is very untidy, complicated, or confusing
jungle of
a jungle of freeways and highways
4 [uncountable] a type of very fast dance music
concrete jungle

; ➔ law of the jungle

at law (8)
parts of a tree: trunk, branch, leaf, blossom, roots, bark, twig

a large area of trees: forest, rainforest, jungle

a small area of trees: wood/woods, thicket British English, copse British English

types of tree: evergreen, deciduous, conifer, fruit tree, hardwood tree

wood from trees: timber, lumber, firewood

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