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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjuniorjunior1 ●●● W3 adjective [only before noun]  1 LOW POSITION OR RANKhaving a low rank in an organization or profession opp senior a junior doctorjunior to There are several people junior to me (=with a lower rank than me).2 relating to sport for young people below a particular age the junior football club3 British English relating to a school for children below the age of 11 the junior classrooms4 American English relating to the year before the final year of high school or college the second semester of my junior year senior1
Examples from the Corpus
juniorHe was also second in the Yorkshire Championships at Harrogate and is currently junior champion of Yorkshire.At first it feels like high school, then junior high, and finally grade school.By 1990, District 4 boasted 21 junior high schools, plus six alternative grade schools.In junior high, she refined them, sent them off to contests, then scribbled more.At least 20 of the rebel junior officers who staged the uprising surrendered by late afternoon.The most junior officers wore a red stripe on their sleeves.a junior partnerHe started to learn the bagpipes at the age of nine and won several junior prizes.She started work as a junior reporter on a local newspaper.In my junior year a friend, a fledgling pilot, taught me the basics of handling a small plane.junior yearHis junior year at Boulder High I went to all his home soccer games.He did better junior year, despite the fact that he spent nearly all of it arguing with the priests.When he took the SATs in his junior year, he scored an even 1600.My junior year, I was one step higher.Students in the program participate in three progressive summer internships, starting after their junior year in high school.During the second semester of her junior year, Maggie had what was to prove to be a very positive experience.I look older than I am, at the butt end of my junior year of high school.He showed dramatic improvement from his junior year to his senior year.
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juniorjunior2 ●○○ noun  1 be two/five/ten etc years somebody’s junior2 [countable] a young person who takes part in sport for people below a particular age The juniors use the courts on Tuesday night.3 [countable] especially British EnglishLOW POSITION OR RANK someone who has a low rank in an organization or profession an office junior4 [countable] British EnglishSES a child who goes to a junior school5 [countable] American EnglishSES a student in the year before the final year of high school or college freshman, senior2(1), sophomore6 Junior
Examples from the Corpus
juniorJoann was a junior and had a beautiful singing voice.a junior at NYUDonna spent spring semester of her junior year in Paris.He was replaced by a young graduate, 10 years his junior.More than 30 players, including juniors and novices will be competing.Sarah is six years my junior.The good behaviour of our own Club members are still attending with some of the older juniors replacing retiring senior members.Even if it s one of the juniors pissing around on their computer and modem.Otton, the junior who shared time with Kyle Wachholtz at quarterback, started and did not relinquish the position.The other reason she had disappeared with the juniors was that it kept her out of Jack's way.I find it tough to delegate my work to juniors, to the associates.
JuniorJuniorAmerican English spoken a name used humorously when speaking to or about a boy or a younger man, especially your son Where’s Junior? juniorJuniorJu‧ni‧or /ˈdʒuːniə $ -ər/ (written abbreviation Jr. American English, Jnr British English)  used after the name of a man or boy who has the same name as his father John F. Kennedy, Jr.From Longman Business DictionaryJuniorJu‧ni‧or /ˈdʒuːniə-ər/, written abbreviation Jr. American English, Jnr British English used after the name of a man who has the same name as his father, especially in the USJohn J. Wallace Jrjuniorju‧ni‧or1 /ˈdʒuːniə-ər/ adjective1having a low or lower rank in an organization or a professionjunior toBarron had refused to talk to anyone junior to Wickham.Some junior employees might lack the courage to approach the boss.2FINANCE a junior bond, debt etc will be repaid later or have a smaller part repaid than other bonds, debts etc, if the borrower is unable to repay everythingjunior toThe new bonds offered by Trump Plaza Associates were junior to the old ones.senior and junior debt holdersjuniorjunior2 noun [countable] JOBsomeone who has a low rank in an organization or professionThey treated her like a junior. office junior
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