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junior high school

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junior high schoolˌjunior ˈhigh school (also junior high) noun [countable, uncountable]  SESa school in the US and Canada for children aged between 12 and 14 or 15 middle school(2), senior high school
Examples from the Corpus
junior high schoolBut by the end, when he compared City College to a junior high school, Rudi had a gravely attentive audience.One entire wall is devoted to photographs of the various sixth-grade and junior high school graduating classes she taught over the years.I teach history at the high school and junior high school levels.His extensive collection on transgenderism includes his own diaries as far back as junior high school.They spend six years in elementary education and three years in junior high school.A51 Tandragee near junior high school - temporary traffic control in operation.Cramming is not confined to the junior high school and senior high school years.
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