2 noun
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be two/five/ten etc years somebody's junior


be somebody's junior by two/five/ten etc years

written to be two, five, ten etc years younger than someone:
She married a man seven years her junior.
2 [countable] a young person who takes part in sport for people below a particular age:
The juniors use the courts on Tuesday night.
3 [countable] especially British English someone who has a low rank in an organization or profession:
an office junior
4 [countable] British EnglishSES a child who goes to a junior school
5 [countable] American EnglishSES a student in the year before the final year of high school or college freshman, senior2 (1), sophomore


American English spoken a name used humorously when speaking to or about a boy or a younger man, especially your son:
Where's Junior?

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