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jurisprudenceju‧ris‧pru‧dence /ˌdʒʊərəsˈpruːdəns $ ˌdʒʊr-/ noun [uncountable] formal  SCLthe science or study of law
Examples from the Corpus
jurisprudenceThis housed oriental manuscripts, many of poetry, mysticism and jurisprudence, going back to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.Lord Morris of Borth-y-Gest also based his judgment on the nineteenth century jurisprudence.From the standpoint of mainstream contemporary jurisprudence the issue seems irreconcilable.Lectures were given on agriculture, rural economy, and medical jurisprudence.The development of fairness within our jurisprudence has not as yet caused us to depart from the adjudicative framework within which we operate.A summary of different approaches to jurisprudence and judicial decision making among developed countries.
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