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juryju‧ry /ˈdʒʊəri $ ˈdʒʊri/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun (plural juries) [countable]  1 SCTJUDGEa group of often 12 ordinary people who listen to the details of a case in court and decide whether someone is guilty or not the members of the jury The jury found him not guilty. the right to trial by jurysit/serve on a jury (=be part of a jury)2 JUDGEa group of people chosen to judge a competition3 the jury is (still) out on something grand juryCOLLOCATIONSverbssit/serve on a jury (=be a member of a jury)At that time, black people were not allowed to serve on juries.address the jury (=speak to it)The defence lawyer stood up to address the jury.a judge directs/instructs a jury (=tells it what to decide)The judge directed the jury to find her not guilty.the jury hears something (=is told information about a crime)The jury heard how the attack followed an argument in a bar.the jury finds somebody guilty/not guiltyThe jury found him guilty of murder.the jury reaches/arrives at a verdict (=decides if someone is guilty or not guilty)Has the jury reached a verdict?the jury returns a verdict (=gives its decision to the court)The jury returned a guilty verdict.the jury acquits somebody (=says that someone is not guilty)He was acquitted by a jury when the case came to court.the jury convicts somebody (=says that someone is guilty)The jury convicted him of two fraud charges.phrasesa member of the juryOnly three members of the jury were women.the foreman of the jury (=the jury's leader, who announces its decision)The foreman of the jury announced a guilty verdict.trial by jury (=a trial with a jury)Defendants have a right to trial by jury.a jury's verdict (=the decision of a jury)The jury's verdict is final.adjectivesa hung jury (=one that cannot agree whether someone is guilty of a crime)The trial ended with a hung jury.an inquest jury (=one that decides the cause of someone's death)The inquest jury decided that he died accidentally by falling out of a train door.a grand jury American English (=one that decides whether someone must be judged in a court )Their business practices are now being investigated by a grand jury. jury + NOUNthe jury systemThe government proposed changes to the jury system.jury service (=when you have to spend time on a jury)He has been called for jury service in July.a jury trial (=a trial with a jury)Should all accused people have a jury trial?
Examples from the Corpus
juryHave you ever been on a jury?Are people with criminal records allowed to sit on a jury?I have been called for jury duty twice.Broderick's first trial last year ended in a hung jury.The jury awarded Hayes $3.5 million in damages.The jury was made up of seven women and five men.sit/serve on a juryI served on a jury at an investigation like that once Ah.More disturbing questions have to do with those who serve on juries.
From Longman Business Dictionaryjuryju‧ry /ˈdʒʊəriˈdʒʊri/ noun (plural juries) [countable]LAW a group of ordinary people, often 12 in number, who listen to details of a case in court and decide on itThe jury has not yet returned its verdict.The case will go before a jury next week.The state guarantees the right to a jury trial in all civil disputes. grand jury
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