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just a minute/second/moment

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjust a minute/second/momentjust a minute/second/momenta) WAITused to ask someone to wait for a short time while you do something Just a minute, I’ll see if I can find it for you. b) INTERRUPTused to interrupt someone in order to ask them something, disagree with them etc Just a minute! How do I know you’re not telling me a pack of lies? just
Examples from the Corpus
just a minute/second/momentI wan na wait, wait, wait just a second.It went dead for just a second.Neighbours pulled her to safety just minutes before flames took hold.Let's continue the story for just a moment in a ridiculous way.Just a minute. Let me see if he's here.It takes just a second: One car plows into another and the backup begins.Just a minute, that's not what she told us.For just a moment there, tournament golf had taken its toll: Saavedra had lost the head.Aronoff, who asked to be arraigned today, appeared before the media for just minutes Thursday to read a brief statement.And he had deliberately caught his flight with just minutes to spare.
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