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(just) around/round the corner

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(just) around/round the corner(just) around/round the cornerSOON a) near There’s a bus stop just around the corner. b) likely to happen soon Economic recovery is just around the corner. corner
Examples from the Corpus
(just) around/round the cornerAround the corner, their classmates practiced pulling small-fry violin bows across squeaky strings.I rounded the corner, then stopped, waited a moment and peeked back into the lobby.She might think we're just around the corner and that we're not coming to see her.She peered round the corner of the house.There was always something around the corner if you didn't lose your head.Rats gnawed on black infants' feet, while money was used to build new police stations around the corner.The Derby Tonelli grocery store of my mind could have stood around the corner from my house.She was around the corner, talking to Hoffmann.
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