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just like that

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjust like thatjust like thatinformal if you do something just like that, you do it without thinking about it or planning it carefully You can’t give up your job just like that! like
Examples from the Corpus
just like thatAt home the bowl of the sky is just like that.Could he abandon everything now, just like that?How many people came to this country and bought a house just like that?I put my arm round him and gave him a hug just like that.I was on tablets for two days and then taken off, just like that.They stopped, just like that.Certainly they impute to the accused a degree of mystical malevolence just like that implied in witchcraft charges.The pickup switching configuration is just like that of a Strat, but obviously with a fatter tone from the humbuckers.
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