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(just) say the word

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(just) say the word(just) say the wordTELLused to tell someone that they have only to ask and you will do what they want Anywhere you want to go, just say the word. say
Examples from the Corpus
(just) say the wordIf there's anything I can do, you've only got to say the word.When the truth was devastating, no wonder physicians avoided saying the words and patients refused to accept them.When the language helper says the words in a frame he will say them more naturally.Both of them said the word on the same downbeat, which made them burst into laughter at how hilarious they sounded.No one was actually prepared to say the word revolution-the one word in their vocabulary softened by success.He could not bring himself to say the words, so great was his terror of plague.The last team then has to say the word they had in mind.
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