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just so

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjust sojust soa) TIDYwith everything arranged neatly and tidily Her house always has to be just so. b) old-fashionedYESAGREE used to say yes or agree with something ‘You should have beaten them, shouldn’t you?’ ‘Just so.’ just
Examples from the Corpus
just soHer house always has to be just so.Because is just so expensive and you know, food attracts residents.It just so happens that this region includes the heartland of Charles the Bald's kingdom.He presses just so hard, no harder.Tamayo swears he comes in at 8 a. m. every day just so he can work out.Did you write to me just so I could agree with you?Life can last just so long, you understand.There were just so many animals around.
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