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just think/imagine/look

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjust think/imagine/lookjust think/imagine/lookIMAGINEused to tell someone to imagine or look at the same thing that you are imagining or looking at Just think – in a week we’ll be lying on a beach in the sun! just
Examples from the Corpus
just think/imagine/lookI promised myself I was just looking.I will spend that day in a field of black smokers, just looking.I just think an organization like this should be hearing how the board thinks.I get a headache just looking at a cookbook.Similarly, you should not just look at the eyes or ears when there may be a problem here.Anyway, I just thought I'd write to suggest that we meet up at some point.We just thought - obviously very stupidly - that you might be working on something together.I just thought something that was see through maybe on that wall would.
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