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justicejus‧tice /ˈdʒʌstɪs/ ●●● W2 noun  1 system of judgement [uncountable]SCL the system by which people are judged in courts of law and criminals are punished a book on the criminal justice system The killers will be brought to justice (=caught and punished). Acts of terrorism must not escape justice. miscarriage of justice2 fairness [uncountable]FAIR fairness in the way people are treated opp injustice Children have a strong sense of justice. His people came to him demanding justice. poetic justice3 being right [uncountable]RIGHT/PROPER the quality of being right and deserving fair treatment No one doubts the justice of our cause.4 do justice to somebody/something5 do yourself justice6 justice has been done/served7 judge [countable] (also Justice) a) American EnglishSCT a judge in a law court b) British EnglishSCT the title of a judge in the High Court rough justice at rough1(16)
Examples from the Corpus
justiceIt is clear that "liberty and justice for all" is still a goal rather than a reality in the U.S.Many people no longer have confidence in the criminal justice system.Children have a strong sense of justice.It's up to the courts to uphold justice - you can't take the law into your own hands.escape justiceSome critics might favour the pragmatic solution of convicting both, to ensure that the guilty party does not escape justice.demanding justicePublic protests demanding justice in the Gongadze case have mostly fizzled out, partly thanks to police harassment of demonstrators.
From Longman Business Dictionaryjusticejus‧tice /ˈdʒʌstɪs/ nounLAW1[uncountable] the system by which people are judged in courts of law and criminals are punishedThere are many problems with our criminal justice system.2[countable] American English a judge in a law courtJustice Sandra O'ConnorThe justices ruled that the company had acted illegally.3[countable] British English the title of a judge in the HIGH COURTMr Justice Saville ruled in favour of Lloyd’s.