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KK1, k /keɪ/ noun (plural K’s, k’s) [countable, uncountable]  SLAthe 11th letter of the alphabet
Examples from the Corpus
KThe drumbeat of articles about Secretary of State Madeleine K.Hopefully, it caught the attention of incoming Secretary of State Madeleine K.Earlier this month, he sent a lengthy letter to Susan K.Measuring the infant, administering vitamin K and eye ointment, and bathing the infant must be saved for later. 6.
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KK2 /keɪ/  1 (also k) informalMONEY an abbreviation of one thousand a salary of £30k a year2 TDan abbreviation of kilobyte or kilobytes3 (also k) a written abbreviation of kilometre or kilometres a 20k international race walker4 the abbreviation of Kelvin or Kelvins
From Longman Business DictionaryKK1written abbreviation for ONE THOUSANDa salary of 59K a year2COMPUTING written abbreviation for KILOBYTE(S)
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