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KalashnikovKa‧lash‧ni‧kov /kəˈlæʃnɪkɒf $ -kɒːf/ noun [countable]  PMWa type of rifle (=long gun) that can fire very quickly
Examples from the Corpus
KalashnikovThe price of a Kalashnikov has soared in just a few days from $ 50 to about $ 250 Tuesday.The murder weapon, a Kalashnikov free of fingerprints, was left at the scene in a plastic bag.Teen-agers wearing face masks swagger through small towns carrying Kalashnikovs.Mehboob took us to his house, where he produced his own collection of Kalashnikovs.The first thing I saw was Jahangir's Kalashnikov, so I held my arms up high in mock surrender.The Kalashnikov is accurate to about 300 meters, compared to 550 meters for the M-16.
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