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kayakkay‧ak /ˈkaɪæk/ noun [countable]  kayak.jpg TTWa type of light boat, usually for one person, that is moved using a paddlecanoekayaking noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
kayakI bought a kayak on a hunch.My wife is a kayak widow now.We basked in the easygoing atmosphere, where our welcome included the offer of a kayak for exploring the bay next day.There are no incentive payments offered to staff who arrive at work by kayak.Hell hath no fury like that of an unsuspecting mule about to be saddled with two, 10-foot kayaks.Peter Haddon of Granta thinks one of the small polyethylene kayaks would be comparable.Its designer shows how it can be fitted through a small kayak hatch in its assembled state.The lakes are used to learn to kayak.
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