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keep a/the lid on something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkeep a/the lid on somethingkeep a/the lid on somethingCONTROLto control a situation very carefully, especially so that it does not cause problems keeping the lid on inflation Kline keeps a very tight lid on his private life. lid
Examples from the Corpus
keep a/the lid on somethingAdditionally, falling prices for key commodities, like copper, are keeping a lid on most manufacturing costs.Unlike Anthony, Geoffrey could keep a lid on his temper.In the meantime, Father Glynn hoped that Jim Maier could keep a lid on the place.Support the possibility of keeping a lid on tax increases.All this will combine to keep the lid on prices.Up with the lark and wanting to get out of town, I have to keep the lid on my impatience.A flurry of fists and boots followed as local referee Ignacio Silva struggled to keep the lid on.He apparently hoped this would keep the lid on the operation.
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