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keep an eye on something/somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkeep an eye on something/somebodykeep an eye on something/somebodyLOOK AFTER somebodyto look after someone or something and make sure that they are safe Mary will keep an eye on the kids this afternoon. We keep a watchful eye on our elderly neighbors. eye
Examples from the Corpus
keep an eye on something/somebodyBut they can still learn a remarkable amount by keeping an eye on the east.The doctor thought it best if she checked into a small, private facility where he could keep an eye on her.Mark: No, but the doctor is keeping an eye on her.Meanwhile we shall keep an eye on him.Those with Internet access should keep an eye on a series of Usenet discussion groups that cater to Windows 95 issues.I decided that I would keep an eye on Tom after that.He said Kaczynski would keep an eye on his property.You keep an eye on her, and me or Nanny Ogg will drop in when we can.
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