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keep going

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkeep goingkeep goinga) keep (somebody) going to have or to give someone enough hope and emotional strength to continue living and doing things in a bad situation That woman’s been through such a lot – I don’t know how she keeps going. Her letters were the only thing that kept me going while I was in prison. b) keep (something) going if you keep a business, institution, regular event etc going, you keep it open or make it continue to happen The library costs £5 million a year to run, and the council can’t afford to keep it going. c) keep going to continue doing something difficult Persevere and keep going until you reach your ideal weight. d) keep somebody going if something keeps you going, it is enough to satisfy your need while you are waiting to get something bigger or better I’ll have a biscuit to keep me going until dinner time. keep
Examples from the Corpus
keep somebody goingI wondered, as I sat on his bed, how long he could keep this going.Then I thought, why not keep this going?When going to the C section keep the snare going.They just keep going and going, and fighting the company, and doing more and more things.Thinking of different pressed flower ideas for birthday presents should keep you going for a while!Rabbit wonders how many animals have died to keep his life going, how many more will die.It had been the hope which had kept her going through the dawn and early morning.Her letters were the only things that kept me going while I was a prisoner.Only those who keep a dialogue going will be able to put in a word for persons in need of intercession.
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