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keep in close contact/touch

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkeep in close contact/touchkeep in close contact/touchFRIENDLYif two people keep in close contact, they see, talk to, or write to each other often Text messaging enables people to keep in close contact at all times. close
Examples from the Corpus
keep in close contact/touchI urge my hon. Friend to keep in close touch to make sure that response times are up to the charter.Even after Charles married Princess Diana he kept in close contact with Camilla.To monitor their responses we have kept in close touch with each family's health visitor.I take that point and we are keeping in close contact with local authorities.The Society is keeping in close touch with the appropriate authority and full information will be published as soon as possible.He had not kept in close touch with the performers who had danced in his first little group.In practice, I keep in close touch with the work of the foundation.I am keen to keep in close touch with you on this subject.
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