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keep quiet

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkeep quietkeep quietused to tell someone not to say anything or make any noise Keep quiet! I’m trying to watch the game. keep
Examples from the Corpus
keep quietBut the story is too big to be kept quiet.He heard his wife cursing Biddy inside the house, shouting for the animal to keep quiet.Listening to them, I was taught to keep quiet.The people may disagree; but they keep quiet.Parotti had threatened to expose the illegal arrangements unless he was paid $50,000 to keep quiet.She'd been brutally murdered to keep her quiet.We used to keep quiet about some of the things that went on in the prison.I wish I'd kept quiet about the money.We'd better keep quiet about this for now.And if you wanted it kept quiet, again it would be entirely up to you.Some people disagree with what the government is doing, but they keep quiet for fear of reprisals.Keep quiet! I'm trying to hear what your brother has to say.The minister denied that the case had been kept quiet or hidden.I think they should have kept quiet over that.Turning worried eyes on him, tempted to keep quiet, she sighed.The disciples kept quiet telling nothing of what they had seen at that time to anyone.It was like they were trying to pay me off for keeping quiet, to bribe me to look the other way.We can give you a 10% raise, but not the others -- so keep it quiet, won't you?
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