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keep somebody on their toes

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkeep somebody on their toeskeep somebody on their toesREADYto make sure that someone is ready for anything that might happen They do random checks to keep workers on their toes. toe
Examples from the Corpus
keep somebody on their toesInflation, which depletes the value of stocks and bonds, also keeps investors on their toes.Together, these threats are supposed to discipline managers and keep them on their toes.And, keeping them on their toes ... the doctors who walk eighteen miles a day.He keeps them on their toes.Meetings are held every nineteen days, not necessarily Sundays, which must keep people on their toes.With a test every Friday, she keeps her students on their toes.You have to have good people doing these jobs, and you have to keep folks on their toes.The general use of disapproval in order to keep people on their toes tends to be counterproductive after a time.We have improved because a few extra players have come in and the bench is outstanding which keeps everyone on their toes.
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