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keep something under wraps

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkeep something under wrapskeep something under wrapsSECRETto keep something secret The project has been kept under wraps for years. wrap
Examples from the Corpus
keep something under wrapsBut in the interests of security we are keeping the information under wraps.But officials deny they've been keeping their proposals under wraps.Ford's new range of cars is being kept firmly under wraps until the Geneva auto show.The plans are still being kept tightly under wraps, partly through the fear that Mowden might try to scupper them.Now his biggest concern is keeping his excitement under wraps.The Left would like a civilian, but if there is a candidate it is keeping him under wraps.But Micky's very careful to keep it under wraps.There is some multimedia hardware on-board that the company is trying to keep pretty much under wraps.Which is why, if you've got a bad temper, you probably do your utmost to keep it under wraps.It's been suggested the report was kept under wraps to avoid controversy.
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