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keep/stay/steer clear (of somebody/something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkeep/stay/steer clear (of somebody/something)keep/stay/steer clear (of somebody/something)AVOIDto avoid someone or something because of possible danger or trouble If you’re a beginner, steer clear of resorts with reputations for difficult skiing. clear
Examples from the Corpus
keep/stay/steer clear (of somebody/something)Unless your home is totally dilapidated, steer clear of a complete redecoration prior to selling: it will arouse suspicion.Pittman advises steering clear of any influence that puts our own happiness first.The starters have learned to steer clear of her.Even if Ranieri had secured a change in the law, however, investors would have stayed clear of mortgage bonds.The Profitboss steers clear of such indulgence, for in the end everyone pays dearly for the privilege of the few.He had stayed clear of the subject of religion since Christmas.Answer Steer clear of these subjects.
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