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keep the peace

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkeep the peacekeep the peaceto stop people from fighting, arguing, or causing trouble The US is sending troops overseas in order to keep the peace. peace
Examples from the Corpus
keep the peaceCallaghan not unreasonably claimed in his memoirs that the Tories won the Falklands War but that Labour had kept the peace.But for the sake of keeping the peace, it would probably be wise to use his new name.On Vadinamia secrets are kept, and visitors are left strictly alone as long as they keep the peace.In the past, air support from the RAF base at Aden had been enough to keep the peace between the rival warring tribes.The President sent federal troops to Grenada to keep the peace.The elder child may be made to give way to the demands of the younger one in order to keep the peace.He was bound over to keep the peace by magistrates.In the past, this had sufficed to keep the peace between the rival warring tribes.The judges extrapolated it from the fact that constables hold office under the Crown and are sworn to keep the peace.The U.S. is sending troops overseas again - this time to keep the peace.Some conditions, nevertheless, did contribute toward keeping the peace.
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