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keep your mind on something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkeep your mind on somethingkeep your mind on somethingATTENTIONto keep paying attention to something, even though it is difficult He could hardly keep his mind on what she was saying.keep your mind on the job/task in/at hand Making notes is the best way of keeping your mind on the task at hand. mind
Examples from the Corpus
keep your mind on somethingHe was numbed by the thought of this imaginary food and could hardly keep his mind on what the Padre was saying.But I can not keep my mind on the movie, which now seems false and cloying.Let's keep our mind on the job at hand.On Friday, the day of the fair, I had a dreadful time keeping my mind on my work.You are going to be hard pushed to keep your mind on whatever you're doing Tuesday.All good nurses were trained to keep their minds on their jobs, but even good nurses were human.Primo has been trying to keep his mind on what they are doing in this moment.With all the talk of job losses, I was having trouble keeping my mind on my work.
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