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keep your own counsel

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkeep your own counselkeep your own counselwrittenSECRET to keep your plans, opinions etc secret counsel
Examples from the Corpus
keep your own counselHowever, he may simply have been keeping his own counsel when talking to me out of a proper loyalty and caution.Amelia Earhart solved the problem her grandmother presented by keeping her own counsel.To the end, he kept his own counsel.I keep my own counsel now, and my children are baffled by the new me.McLaren keeps his own counsel, being as reticent as Ferguson is gregarious.So, obediently she kept her own counsel.They were inscrutable, they kept their own counsel, and they were intelligent.She is precisely the person to keep her own counsel for three hours.Even with those she loves most, Ginny tends to keep her own counsel.
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