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keep your temper

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkeep your temperkeep your temperCONTROLto stay calm when it would be easy to get angry I was finding it increasingly difficult to keep my temper. temper
Examples from the Corpus
keep your temperWhen Felipe was grown up my father was wary and kept his temper.All you have to do is get up close, keep your temper, and shoot straight.For one, Chilcott had kept his temper, hoping to coax his niece round to his point of view.I should have kept my temper, she thought frantically.He kept his temper and signalled the other galley to turn to the shore at Drimnin, to do the repairs.How will I keep my temper?I knew they were trying to annoy me but I was determined to keep my temper.Police officers are expected to keep their tempers whatever people say to them.Susan told herself to keep her temper.It took all her patience just to keep her temper.We kept our tempers, as if patience wasn't something we maintained at the expense of our fading energies.
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