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kelpkelp /kelp/ noun [uncountable]  HBPa type of flat brown seaweed (=a plant that grows in the sea)
Examples from the Corpus
kelpHe had sifted some larger pebbles from the sand and was throwing them absently at the dike of drift and kelp.Seaweed - such as nori, dulse and kelp.Giant kelp is the sea urchins' chief food supply.Anyhow, we loaded kelp for Glasgow.And then hurl that plastic, careful that it lands between the kelp stringers.Lifeguards at that time reported that the whale appeared lethargic and did not attempt to swim away once freed from the kelp.Landing on the beach presented no problems, though finding a passage through the kelp beds near the shore took some time.Lobster fishers had spotted the infant whale Monday morning caught in thick kelp about a mile off the coast of San Diego.
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