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kennelken‧nel /ˈkenl/ noun [countable]  1 DHPa small building made for a dog to sleep in2 (also kennels [plural]) British EnglishDHP a place where dogs are kept for breeding or are cared for while their owners are awayboarding/quarantine kennels The puppy, which may have rabies, is at a quarantine kennel.
Examples from the Corpus
kennelAccording to neighbours there are often more. 8 of the animals are kept in outside kennels.If you have trouble obtaining a reservation at a particular kennel, you can consider it a good sign.But Guy Tamplin, who runs a special quarantine kennel in Gloucestershire is horrified at the thought of the law being changed.The 3 month old puppy will stay at the kennels until health experts decide what to do with it.We decided to pay for Poppy's upkeep at the kennels, and visited her each week.Sadly, due to refurbishment and a desire to create more shopping space, the kennels have been closed.Joy Holloway lived next door to the kennels until she persuaded the council to rehouse her.The kennel would be about ten feet away and at first I saw nothing.boarding/quarantine kennelsRead in studio A puppy which may have rabies is being held at a quarantine kennels in the region.The animal is being kept at quarantine kennels after being siezed at Newport docks.The other option to consider will be boarding kennels.Rosemary, ex-kennel maid Have you had bad experiences with boarding kennels?
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