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kerbkerb British English, curb American English /kɜːb $ kɜːrb/ noun [countable]  TTRthe edge of the pavement (=raised path) at the side of a road His car mounted the kerb and ploughed into a bus queue.see thesaurus at edge
Examples from the Corpus
kerbThey helped me over the next road, me nearly tripping as I crossed the far kerb.After a few long moments it found its legs and scampered to the far kerb.The three of us stood with a long empty space along the kerb to either side of us.It skidded in an arc ... mounted the kerb and ploughed through the bench where the children were sitting.The Dodge mounted the kerb, headlights suddenly stabbing out on full beam.Henry kicked the side of the kerb viciously.Lights blazing, their car cannoned off the kerb, tyres squealing in protest, then they were roaring along the alley.Scott pulled the car over to the kerb, his right hand slipping inside his jacket.
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