3 verb
key3 [transitive]
1 American English informal if you key a win for your team, you help it win a game because you play very well:
Abdul keyed the game with three touchdowns.
2 British EnglishTIC to prepare a surface so that a covering such as paint will stick to it

key something ↔ in

phrasal verb
TDTD to put information into a computer or other machine, using buttons or a keyboard:
Key in your password and press 'Return'.

key something to something

phrasal verb
1 to make or change a system so that it works well with something else:
The daycare hours are keyed to the needs of working parents.
2 if the level, price, or value of something is keyed to something else, it is related to it and they rise and fall at the same time:
Pensions are keyed to the rate of inflation.

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