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keyholekey‧hole /ˈkiːhəʊl $ -hoʊl/ noun [countable]  DHthe hole in a lock that you put the key in I peeped through the keyhole and watched them.
Examples from the Corpus
keyholeAn example would be a keyhole shaped in such a way that one can physically insert the key only right side up.I could see daylight through a keyhole.And there was no keyhole, and thus no lock to pick.Loyd Grossman went through Gary's keyhole and didn't come back for three months.I heard the scraping of a key in the keyhole.To hell with you, Nevil Sanderson! she thought as she inserted her key into the keyhole.Basingstoke and North Hampshire Medical Trust have hosted a special reception evening launching phase two of the keyhole surgery appeal.We do have a few glimpses, through the keyhole as it were.
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