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khakiskha‧kis /ˈkɑːkiz $ ˈkækiz, ˈkɑː-/ noun [plural]  DCCtrousers made of khaki cloth
Examples from the Corpus
khakisWe both were wearing blue blazers, khakis and blue polo shirts.Leavitt is stout and impatient in his khakis.He is carrying some papers and is accompanied by two askaris with rifles, and an interpreter, dressed in khakis.Others stood outside a branch of Gap clothing, burning a pair of its khakis.He prefers khakis and is about as low key and unassuming as they come.Use grey-blues, taupes, khakis, subtle grey-browns, smokey subtle grey-purples.He was wearing khakis, a blue polo shirt and sneakers.
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