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kick the habit

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkick the habitkick the habitto stop doing something that is a harmful habit, such as smoking, taking drugs etc The scheme helps smokers to kick the habit. kick
Examples from the Corpus
kick the habitAfter nearly 60 years, it's hard to kick the habit.After finally getting her to the hospital, the guys resolve to kick the habit.But knowing is not doing, and many people find it well nigh impossible to kick the habit.Do I have tolerance for a crack addict who does little to kick the habit?In recent years, more than 11 million smokers in Britain have kicked the habit.Once the motivation to stop arises, it is not so difficult to kick the habit.They're members of Wendy Jeffery's tap dancing class, and they just can't kick the habit.Wally Reid was actually keen to kick the habit.She used treats and kindness rather than nagging to persuade her mum to kick the habit for at least two weeks.
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