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kick up a fuss/stink/row

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkick up a fuss/stink/rowkick up a fuss/stink/rowinformal to complain loudly about something Won’t he kick up a fuss when he discovers they’re missing? kick
Examples from the Corpus
kick up a fuss/stink/rowIt's financial clout that counts or, failing that, kicking up a stink.It's for your protection, so that you have the union behind you if Mellowes kicks up a stink.Yet when pedestrianisation was first announced the city's shopkeepers, taxi drivers and disabled groups kicked up a fuss.It will still contain plenty of business and mortgage borrowers to kick up a stink about base rates.It might be partly because I didn't kick up a fuss when I lost the captaincy.
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