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kick your heels

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkick your heelskick your heelsBritish EnglishSPEND TIME to waste time waiting for something We were left kicking our heels for half the day. kick
Examples from the Corpus
kick your heelsFor a guy like me to hang around kicking his heels ain't natural.I sat in the pie shop kicking my heels and pondering the problem.I kicked my heels and ran my eye along the ruff of mountains surrounding Cuzco, like a tongue over broken teeth.The clash of steel jarred up his arm, then he kicked his heels back to force the stallion towards the road.That has set Crosby into conflict with Murray and left Armstrong kicking his heels instead of a football.My son, I began to fear, was still kicking his heels on a fog-bound airport in Birmingham.
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