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kick yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkick yourselfkick yourselfspokenANNOY used to say that you are annoyed with yourself because you have done something silly, made a mistake etc You’ll kick yourself when I tell you the answer. United will be kicking themselves for missing several chances. kick
Examples from the Corpus
kick yourselfA few executives, though, kicked themselves.Glen Day had eight birdies in a round of 64 and was kicking himself.It was easy to see that the boy was kicking himself.Jeeze, I could kick myself.She was kicking herself for forgetting the most basic Capricorn trait of allowing nothing to stand in the way of their goal.I could have kicked myself for getting her name wrong.Never slam a door in temper, you may need to come back through it in the future: kick yourself instead.Blue is shocked by the fare and kicks himself mentally for not following the woman instead.I have to kick myself to think that it was Xmas only 3 weeks ago.
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