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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkickbackkick‧back /ˈkɪkbæk/ noun [countable]  informalPAY FORMONEY money that someone pays secretly and dishonestly in return for someone’s help syn bribe
Examples from the Corpus
kickbackHe offered me $20,000 as a kickback if I'd push through a $500,000 loan.The Director said that administrators at her clinic accepted kickbacks from suppliers.He is on trial for allegedly accepting kickbacks from business.He and his partner were charged with taking $300,000 in kickbacks in exchange for their political influence.Top executives received millions of dollars in kickbacks.A cardiologist was offered kickbacks by a pacemaker manufacturer.The company paid kickbacks to local officials to win a contracts worth millions of dollars.
From Longman Business Dictionarykickbackkick‧back /ˈkɪkbæk/ noun [countable] informal money that is paid secretly and dishonestly to obtain someone’s help SYN BRIBEHe is on trial for corruption and allegedlyaccepting kickbacks from businesses.He and his partner were charged withtaking $300,000 in kickbacks in exchange for their political influence.
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