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kid gloves

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkid gloveskid glovesCAREFULa way of treating someone kindly and carefully because they easily become upsettreat/handle somebody with kid gloves I want you to treat Hayley with kid gloves today. She’s still upset about her father. kid
Examples from the Corpus
kid glovesElegant kid gloves like the ones Mrs Carson wore would have improved her image, but she possessed none.There was no point in kid gloves; she had to know sooner or later.I really didn't understand the kid gloves, but it was still a slap up-side their right-wing heads.Rutelli is handling the far-left Refounded Communists with kid gloves.Religion you handled with kid gloves.Diana was treated with kid gloves when all she needed was some sensible advice, a cuddle and a consoling word.No big deal To be sure, O. J. Simpson was treated with kid gloves.
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