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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkiddiekid‧die1, kiddy /ˈkɪdi/ noun [countable]  especially British English informalCHILD a young child a sandpit for the kiddies
Examples from the Corpus
kiddieIt is also very frank, so wear your headphones around the kiddies.My stuff is not quite right for the kiddies.But the extra weight of the kiddies holding on to them, they sank as well.He gets young kiddies to scour the streets looking for discarded crack vials that he pays them a dime apiece for.
kiddiekiddie2, kiddy adjective [only before noun]  made for, involving, or intended for young children a kiddie seat
Examples from the Corpus
kiddieNot just resistant to the pitter patter of bored kiddie feet but immune to assaults from the outside as well.Jacobs Field in Cleveland has a pre-game picnic area and kiddie land.a kiddie pool
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