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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkillerkill‧er1 /ˈkɪlə $ -ər/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 KILLa person, animal, or thing that kills Heart disease is America’s number one killer. the hunt for her killers weed killer serial killer at serial2(1)2 informalGOOD/EXCELLENT something or someone that is very difficult, tiring, or boring The new project is a killer.3 informal something that is very exciting or impressive I’m not saying the film is a killer, but it’s cool.
Examples from the Corpus
killerThe judge described him as "a cold-blooded killer".He'd been beaten about the head. 60 police officers are now searching for his killer.But our instinctive need to fill the vacuum inspires us to the ultimate irony: We turn 12 average citizens into killers.Tracy's schedule is a real killer.And the real killer is, in two weeks, they will probably give the Broncos a healthy workout.Brilliant detective work with a little luck tossed in to catch the savvy killer.Dr Shipman is the biggest serial killer of all time.Even serial killers get cost-of-living raises if they happen to have a pension adjusted for inflation.The victim's best friend, Joanne, is convinced the killer is local.Police are searching for the killer of a 9 year old boy.Police are still searching for the killer.Meanwhile, a reward has been offered for information which might lead to the arrest of the killer of Arthur Brumhill.From Pennsylvania came details of a group murder, followed by the suicide of two of the killers.
killerkiller2 adjective [only before noun]  1 very harmful or dangerous a killer hurricane a swarm of killer bees2 informal very attractive, good, impressive etc a book called ‘How to Build a Killer Website’killer heels (=women’s shoes with very high heels)3 killer instinct
Examples from the Corpus
killerThe concert was killer.A swarm of killer bees has attacked 70 children in a village in northern Mexico.a killer cycloneKiller floods and hurricanes in Asia have destroyed whole towns.If you guys like garlic, this pickled garlic is killer stuff.
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