Language: Old English
Origin: cynd


1 noun
kind1 S1 W1
1 [uncountable and countable] one of the different types of a person or thing that belong to the same group [= sort, type]COLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
all kinds/every kind different/various kinds a certain/particular kind some kind any kind the same kind the right kind the worst kind of its/their kind of this kind what kind (of something)? that kind of thing precisely/exactly the kind (that)
kind of
They sell all kinds of things.
The flowers attract several different kinds of insects.
Certain kinds of medical care are more expensive than others.
Greg was working on some kind of deal in Italy.
Get me a sandwich - any kind will do.
You can't get in unless you're wearing the right kind of clothes.
This is hypocrisy of the worst kind.
It is the biggest centre of its kind.
What kind of food do you want?
I like yoga, aerobics, and that kind of thing.
This is precisely the kind of sensational attitude I most deplore.
see usage note type1

the kind

used to describe a person with a particular character, feelings, opinions etc:
Ted just isn't the marrying kind.
Rob isn't the kind of person to worry.

kind of

kinda American English spoken slightly but not exactly, or in some ways [= sort of]:
I'm kind of glad I didn't win.
He's kinda dumb, isn't he?

a kind of (a) something

spoken used to say that your description of something is not exact:
a kind of reddish-brown color

two/three etc of a kind

two, three etc people or things that are very similar:
You and Joe are two of a kind.

one of a kind

the only one of a particular type of thing:
Each plate is handpainted and one of a kind.

something of the/that kind

spoken something similar to what was expected or talked about:
Rosa was shocked by the news, although she had suspected something of the kind might happen.

nothing/anything of the kind

spoken used to emphasize that what has been said is not true:
I never said anything of the kind!

of a kind

used to say that something is not as good as it should be:
Elections of a kind are held, but there is only one party to vote for.

in kind

reacting to something someone has done by doing the same thing:
After recent bombings, counter-terrorist forces could retaliate in kind.

➔ payment in kind

at payment (3)

type, kind, sort
Type, kind, and sort all have the same meaning and can be used in the same situations What type of car do you drive? an interesting kind of plant a new sort of mobile phone If you are saying that something is partly true or are not being exact, use sort of or kind of rather than type of It's a sort of oval shape.GRAMMARType, kind, and sort are countable nouns, and they must be plural after determiners with plural meanings:this type/kind/sort of + singular noun I don't like this type of thing. This kind of mistake is easy to make. Red wine goes well with this sort of dish.these/those types/kinds/sorts of + plural/singular noun How common are these types of illness(es)? Those kinds of colours look good with dark skin.!! Remember to use the plural types/kinds/sorts after all, both, certain, different, many, several, various etc movies that appeal to certain kinds of people (NOT certain kind of people) Many sorts of jobs require computing skills (NOT many sort of jobs).See also type

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