Language: Old English
Origin: gecynde 'natural'


2 adjective
kind2 S3 comparative kinder, superlative kindest
1 saying or doing things that show that you care about other people and want to help them or make them happy [≠ unkind; ↪ kindly, kindness]
kind to
They've been very kind to me.
It wasn't a very kind thing to say.
She's a very kind and generous person.
it's kind of somebody (to do something)
It's kind of you to say that.
It's really kind of them to let us use their pool.
We thanked the priest for his kind words.
Thank you for your help. You've been most kind (=said when thanking someone very politely).
thank you for your kind invitation/offer (=said when thanking someone very politely for their invitation or offer)
Ms Jarvis is unable to accept your kind invitation.
Thank you for your kind offer.
2 not causing harm or suffering
kind to
Life has been very kind to me.
I need a soap that's kinder to my skin.
Let's hope the weather's kind tomorrow.

would you be kind enough to do something/be so kind as to do something

formal used to make a polite request:
Would you be kind enough to close the door, please?
! If you use these expressions in informal English, they can sound rude or unfriendly. Use please could you...? or would you mind...? instead.

kind regards

written used to end a formal but fairly friendly letter
similar words: nice, considerate, thoughtful, sympathetic, benevolent, compassionate, gentle

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