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kindergartenkin‧der‧gar‧ten /ˈkɪndəɡɑːtn $ -dərɡɑːrtn/ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 American EnglishSEP a school or class for children aged five2 British EnglishSEP a school for children aged two to five syn nursery school
Examples from the Corpus
kindergartenThe Tams, who worked then as a high school principal and a kindergarten teacher, lived in a two-story home.Jessie has declared that she wants to be a kindergarten teacher.In one of the sessions round the pool he was horrified to hear Mao apply kindergarten arithmetic to war.General fund spending for kindergarten through high school would increase 12. 7 percent to $ 17. 1 billion.Poverty made mere housing a luxury; and poverty forced families to forgo kindergartens and higher education for their children.Mrs. Marks was my kindergarten teacher.Diana was enrolled at a girls' day-school, Charles at a nearby kindergarten.Katie was one of the few children who could read when she started kindergarten.About 70 percent of the funds raised by the tax go on salaries for everyone from parish priests to kindergarten teachers.I had been the celebrated child at home and in our village kindergarten.
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