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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkindlykind‧ly1 /ˈkaɪndli/ ●●○ adverb  1 GENEROUSin a kind way syn generouslykindly offer/agree/give etc Mr Nunn has kindly agreed to let us use his barn for the dance.2 not take kindly to something3 look kindly on somebody/something4 spoken formalASK FOR something/ASK somebody TO DO something a word meaning ‘please’, which is often used when you are annoyed Will you kindly put that book back?
Examples from the Corpus
kindlyWas it possible that the grasping Miss P had meant the gesture kindly?Would Father van Exem kindly ask the Archbishop for his permission, she enquired.Jason kindly offered to give me a ride home.The governess here, Miss Lambert, has kindly taught me a little.She kindly taught me, after that, To wrestle with her on the mat.She took kindly to him, and he to her.Farmers began to look kindly upon them when they found they grew in a variety of conditions.kindly offer/agree/give etcLuckily a good friend had managed to obtain a pair of livingstonii and very kindly gave me a young pair.Bridget Ewing has kindly agreed to co-ordinate the tea arrangements for the October meeting.Friends like the Post Office workers who have kindly agreed to deliver this leaflet for nothing ...If you would like to receive my prayer letter please contact Joyce MacPherson who has kindly agreed to distribute it for me.Following the meeting, Mr R Mulford has kindly offered to give a talk and slideshow.Essex feel geographically rather remote from the Crystal Palace but have kindly offered to organise the 1982 event.Like the brick she was, Trish had kindly offered to subsidize my share of the rent until I found another job.Edith Harlow had kindly agreed to teach in her place.
kindlykindly2 adjective old-fashioned  KINDkind and caring for other people Mrs Gardiner was a kindly old soul.kindliness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
kindlyHe is kindly and supportive, fatherly.Sands looked at him with sadness, less like a stern judge than a kindly doctor.They were all smiling at him, and the parents had pleasant, kindly faces.He also lifted the Challenge Cup, in 1997, thanks to a kindly gesture from Goulding.He had the reputation of a kindly man, much respected by those who worked for him.a kindly old manBut these kindly visitors may be doing more damage than chain-saws.